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It is said that the thief is a step ahead of the law. But perhaps the relationship is slightly different – the thief designs better ways to steal while the law designs better ways to catch the thief. Whoever is better at a given point of time wins. The first link for today points to a similar dilemma – the author draws comparisons with prisoner’s dilemma here – in the case of athletes taking performance enhancing drugs. The author reasons that athletes attempt to take drugs that (they think) are currently undetectable and the authorities keep trying for methods that help them trace drugs.


The next link will take you to a discussion on why letting athletes dope is a better idea. He reasons that if it is alright for doctors to take drugs for better attention and scientists to use drugs for cognitive enhancement, why shouldn’t professional sportspeople use performance enhancing drugs? He also reasons that if doping is allowed, it would become healthier and more efficient; it would lead to better standardization and also allow more athletes to compete, in turn enriching the show for spectators.