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My grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes when she was thirty years old. She was very particular about her medication and skin regime; she would oil her skin daily and take the prescribed medicines regularly. She would have her meals on time. I guess the only thing missing in her carefully planned routine was sufficient exercise; she would get breathless soon if she took to any physical activity. In a couple of years, injection needles couldn’t puncture the skin of her arms as the skin had become too hard. So she had begun to inject herself in the thigh. In some more time, my grandmother had moved to injecting insulin in her stomach. I remember her moving in and out of hospitals in spite of all the care that she took.

I am glad she took care because diabetes is a slow poison – it eats up the inside of your body slowly. In the write-up today, a young girl has neglected her medication despite knowing that she is diabetic. The article is a tale of what she lost and what she gained.