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I don’t think I could understand “Peanuts,” the comic strip, as a child. It has appeared in newspapers much before I came into this world. Comic strips for me had to be something one could laugh or smile about and I kept looking for the “funny part” in Peanuts. Peanuts was a dark comic, and it reflected the mood of the times – from 1950s to 2000. It reflected, as the author puts it, some uncomfortable truths about the loneliness of social existence. Perhaps, it is not about just that time.

People could relate to Charlie Brown, the protagonist, a loser, a survivor, and the inspiration behind the name “Charlie Hebdo”; they could relate with his miseries, anxieties, and his plans for comeback. Lucy is a bully in the script and Snoopy, the dog, lives in his own fantasy world. The other characters of the strip have personalities too. I think I at least understood why Linus, a character in the strip, would always carry his blanket for comfort.