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Cooking is fun if you are trying out something new or you have people to appreciate your efforts. Routine cooking can be tedious unless it is a good habit that you built. These are strictly my opinions. Food plays a central role in lives of many people. I have come to realize that making good food is hard work. You have to get the right ingredients; you have to spend time cooking them; sometimes, you have to garnish your food and serve it; and then you have to clean up. I know people who love to cook but who still need help with cooking entire meals and all meals of the day. I remember getting a Tarla Dalal book that was titled – cooking under ten minutes. I tried a few recipes and cooking wasn’t done under ten minutes if you count getting the ingredients; cleaning, peeling and chopping the vegetables; stir-frying, baking, steaming, or boiling the raw material; preparing the accompanying food like breads, rice, or salad; and (of course) cleaning up afterwards. This article rightly says that cooking is everything but easy.