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Poem kind of comes in between a piece of prose and a song – the verses invite the reader to probe further, and the rhyming produce a sing-along-song-like effect. Add a few inspiring lines, and you have a masterpiece of a poem. The poem If by Rudyard Kipling is one such poem. Kipling had several critics for his views on race and war in particular. Yet, his legacy has remained. As is stated in the article, Kipling is still remembered while his critics remain largely forgotten. The writer also explores the magic of Kipling’s poem If – why the poem is still so timeless, why it is the most searched poem in poetry foundation, why thousands or millions have put the poem on their desktops and walls, and why Kipling’s old-school lecture on morality still lingers on.


And, if you have been wondering about Kipling – here’s more on the author/poet and his inspirations: